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What is Tessitura?

Tessitura is a musical term relating to the range of where a vocalist or musical instrument will have their optimal performance.

How does this relate to your business?

At Tessitura Performance, we excel in helping your organization, leaders and teams identify and align to your unique Tessitura and then enable performance to the highest levels of excellence.

What we do.

We are a Management Consulting and Executive Coaching company with a mission to support leaders, leadership teams, and organizations to identify their optimal range for peak performance and to enable our customers to implement top priority actions showing impact.

Our Vision is to treat every client as unique while consistently providing:

  • Clarity
    • In what we promise to deliver, but also clarity for our clients and their business.
  • Impact
    • Shown for every action. How do you measure and monitor each success?
  • Alignment
    • With many demands on your organization, it’s important to ensure you align all of your actions to your strategy.
  • Optimization
    • Having a process in place does not mean it is optimal.
  • Effectiveness
    • We can help you ensure you are focusing on the top priorities, with the right person, at the right time.


“Mark’s systemic approach to solving problems and improving efficiency contributed greatly to the financial success of TENET Medical Engineering, Inc.”

Ken Moore, former President, TENET Medical Engineering, Inc.

“Mark was a catalyst to build our team’s capability in product development and project management; not only did he contribute his deep expertise in the medical device field but also brought to bear his reflective and patient approach to helping us refresh our technology and commercialization roadmap.”

Claire Dixon, MEng. MBA., Co-founder and COO, Neuraura Biotech

“Mr. Allen has the knowledge, skill, and leadership to facilitate change in a large organization effectively and efficiently. He is able to take complex challenges/problems, bring teams with diverse viewpoints together, and facilitate positive change.

Dr. Katie Wiltshire, MD, FRCPC, MHA, Neurology Physician, Medical Director Quality & Safety, Calgary Zone, AHS

“Mark has extensive knowledge in the areas of Lean, Six Sigma and process optimization; but more importantly he has the ability to implement improvements with minimal disruption to the organization. With Mark’s help, TENET Medical Engineering went from Good to Great by increasing profit margins dramatically. Also, not a bad fighter pilot!

Brent King, P.Eng., Former VP Operations, TENET Medical Engineering, Inc.

“Mark helped Neuraura’s product development strategy to reach a next level. His ability to problem solve, lead projects and execute transformed our team culture and processes for the better, which greatly contributed to our successes.”

Pierre Wijdenes, MEng, PhD - CEO & Co-Founder, Neuraura Biotech

Individual Coaching

What is your superpower that has yet to be discovered?

– Sometimes we want to grow –

– Sometimes we feel stuck –

– Sometimes we need new ways of thinking –

– Sometimes we need new ways of doing –

– Sometimes everyday life is overloaded –

Meeting with a Coach will help you identify a personalized plan that prioritizes what is most important to YOU in a confidential, supportive, and sincere space.

Team Coaching

High Performing Teams don’t happen overnight.

They have become so through focused efforts of gaining psychological safety and trust, while recognizing they are stronger as a group compared to individuals. Team coaching supports growth of highly effective teams by helping you identify where focus is needed. Whether that is with trust, goal alignment, KPI’s, strategic planning, or simply meeting effectiveness, a coaching program can transform your team from a group of successful individuals, to a collaboratively competent team.

Process Optimization

Everyone has processes, not just ‘Manufacturing’!

Everyone has processes to optimize. The words “Lean” and “Six Sigma” are thrown around a little too loosely as a silver bullet to your business excellence. However, these methodologies, tied closely with eyes on company culture and strategic priorities, can produce quick wins at an astounding pace along with empowering your staff to improve on a daily basis.

The key to successful process optimization is to be able to identify where, and when, to take action so that you are impacting that which is most important to your business.

Tessitura can help you with process optimization, but we will not ignore the most important initial step… partnering with you to prioritize and perform what is most important to the growth of your company.

Management Systems

What are the top 3 priorities for your business this year? Can everyone in the organization identify these?

Do you know the key priorities of your peers? How do they support or conflict with your goals?

Do you perform actions to address your strategic growth each and every day?

Do you have leading metrics as part of your KPI?

A common challenge for businesses is getting stuck in fire-fighting mode that puts strategic actions on the back-burner. Before you know it, before you know it, you need to build your quarterly report to show how well you are working towards the strategic priorities.

Management systems is a general term to cover the framework needed to keep your strategic plan front and center. Tessitura will work with you to incorporate tools and systems on one or more key aspects including: team communication & systems, goal development, key performance indicators, meeting structures that support strategic actions and review, visual systems for reviewing strategies.

Our People

Mark Allen, Founder

Mark is an ACC Certified Executive Coach and Prosci® Certified Change Leader focused on leadership, team, and process improvements to impact business success.

Mark founded Tessitura Performance, Inc. in November, 2019, in order to leverage his unique skill set to a wider clientele. He considers the crucial ties between the people-side of businesses and the impact on operational performance. This lens leads to more sustainable success and large-scale impacts on key indicators of success.

Over his 25+ years of experience working as a Leader and Engineer in numerous industries, Mark identified that key similarities exist in all business sectors. He partners with his clients to address what is most important to their success. 10 times out of 10, the people and culture are at the heart of focus. With this lens in focus, the outcome of projects is more successful whether that be personal development, team effectiveness, or various business processes.

Despite the industry, Mark’s approach remains the same. System changes are the result of positive involvement & engagement of the people involved.

People | Performance | Impact.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Peter Drucker.

Our Core Skills.

Leader Development & Company Culture

  • Overall company assessments to clearly identify readiness for change, strengths and to prioritize opportunity areas.
  • Coaching and Leader Effectiveness (for Individuals & Teams)
  • Corporate Culture, team-building, staff empowerment, corporate strategies for employee retention and satisfaction

Business Excellence

  • Strategic Planning
  • Management Systems Framework and Implementation
  • Balanced Score-Cards
  • Key Performance Indicator development, alignment, monitoring and visual reporting

Process Excellence

  • Process Optimization
  • Production Costing, Forecasting and Modelling
  • Lean Six-Sigma Training and Implementation
  • Purchasing, Logistics and Vendor Management

Ready to experience your unique Tessitura?

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